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1 January 2006

The USFSPA was enacted in September 1982, ostensibly to protect the deserving former spouses of members of the uniformed services in divorce court.

On 24 May 2001, Chairman Bob Stump of the House Armed Services Committee and 16 others introduced H.R. 1983, The Former Spouses Equity Act of 2001.

H.R.1983 had 73 co-sponsors.

H.R. 1983 would have:

On 6 March, 2003 Rep. Cass Ballenger (R-NC) and ten others introduced H.R. 1111, The Uniformed Services Divorce Equity Act of 2003.

H.R.1983 had 23 co-sponsors.

H.R. 1111 would have:

The following facts were considered in developing H.R. 1983 and H.R. 1111:

The 107th and 108th Congresses ignored H.R. 1983 and H.R. 1111 and the 109th Congress continues to express Congress' timeworn reluctance to address the USFSPA's obvious inequities and justifications for its reform.

The ARA has drafted legislation for consideration by the 109th Congress but cannot find a sponsor.

The DoD does not brief military service personnel regarding the existence and/or potential impact of the USFSPA

The DoD's statements of policy regarding Divorce and the Military, indicate that its primary concerns are not for military members , but for the people they marry.

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